taking the work out of the network



Generate a new profile from scratch.

It's called MySpace, not EmptySpace. Since no one is waiting around for another blank profile, and you don't have the hours it takes to list your DVD collection, we'll do it for you. Enter up to three interests, MySpace display names, or some combination. elfriendo does the rest, building a profile you can be proud of.

Check fit

Check compatibility of interests or between users.

So you have your eye on a new interest, but can't tell if it will click? Use elfriendo to compare two interests and see how compatible they are. Received a friend request you're not sure about? Compare your profile with that of another MySpace user and his/her group of friends, and find out instantly whether it's a match.

Fit me in

Get a profile makeover and blend in.

Ready for a different crowd? Or just a makeover to turn some heads? There is nothing worse than a stale profile. Fit Me In gives you fresh fields based on any interest or MySpace user. Share more interests with the varsity team, or impress your friends with a taste in sensitive European music, just by choosing elfriendo.